To help our clients reach their training goals using kind training techniques that deepen the bonds between us and our dogs.

Crystal Dunn CPDT-KA ~ Founder / Training Director/Behavior Consultant
Specialties: Canine Behavior, Obedience, Feline Behavior, Canine Nutrition, Learning Theory

Crystal with her dog, Jack as featured in Austin Woman Magazine’s Article: This Time Around

Crystal is first a dog’s human, and second a human’s human. Driven to rescue and help from a young age, she started her training career as a volunteer at shelters and quickly fell in love with teaching both humans and canines. After six years in the software industry, she switched gears and went to the dogs in 2006.

Her patience and drive to connect with the underdogs paved her way as a trainer and has guided her toward wonderful educators and mentors over the years. She involves Leaps N’ Hounds in a number of non-profit endeavors to give back to the community – offering free obedience class spaces through rescue partners, and teaching the amazing Pit Crew Therapy Dog Program.

Having taught show dogs, agility dogs, therapy dogs, and every breed imaginable, Crystal enjoys working with all types of dogs from all walks of life. Often referred to as a local Pit Bull expert, she has developed a bond with the underdogs of this breed that fuels her to showcase their soft, gentle, intelligent and trainable side.

As a no-kill advocate, Crystal has served as Lead Trainer and adviser to The City of Conroe, working with the Chief of Police and Animal Control towards revamping their city shelter as a no-kill facility. She helped put an end to breed restrictions, set up veterinary care, and educate staff on animal handling and safety protocol.

She has also worked with The Healing Species of Tx as instructor, working with therapy dogs in schools and detention centers in Houston. In Austin she works extensively with Love-A-Bull as teacher for their their Pit Crew therapy dog program. Crystal also offers Canine Good Citizen testing, private training and behavior counsulting, and phone consults.