3 Most Inexpensive Pets You Can Own

Pets need to be looked after and cared for properly; otherwise, they’ll become lonely. You’ll need to invest in your time and effort to do so. So it’s best to have low-maintenance pets, especially if you’re mostly out of your house.

Thus, you may consider this list of the most inexpensive pets to have:

1. Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs are one of the most inexpensive pets you can have. In a word, they’re fun to own, and they’re so cute that you can’t help but want to love and take care of them. You see, unlike most other pets out there, the truth is that they can be healthy and happy while keeping your home neat and clean. And for that reason alone, they are one of the more popular pets in the market these days.

Unlike high-maintenance pets that require your time and money so they can survive, that’s not the case with guinea pigs. They can stay in their cages so you can go out without worrying they might harm themselves.

So when you’re thinking about buying your first guinea pig, you should check its varieties as they’re many. But fret not, because they also come at affordable prices. 

2. Hermit Crabs

There are several reasons to own Hermit Crabs as pets. First of all, they can be amusing to own and watch. They tend to hide behind rocks, shells, and other things, so you don’t even notice that they’re there. They’ll spend most of their time just waiting for you to come and feed them.

Another good reason to have them as pets is because of their beauty. They come in a variety of colors. Some have more than one color than the others. The most common ones are yellow or orange. If you want a unique pet, then they’re a perfect choice.

It would be nice to have your own species of crab that you could call your own. Not only would you have a unique pet, but they also make an excellent pet for a child because they’re relatively easy to take care of. If you know how to keep crabs, it’s a lot easier than other types of pets because they’re usually inexpensive to buy and maintain.

3. Leopard Geckos

It seems as if everyone wants to know why you should have Leopard Gecko as pets. The truth is if you’re looking for a fun, friendly animal that can be just as social as a dog, then having them as your pet might be the thing for you. 

Leopard Geckos are intelligent and curious, but they can get bored quickly if they’re regularly exposed to the same things all the time. This makes them the right pet for people who like animals that are constantly active. They need many activities to keep them busy, and like larger spaces, because they want to move around.

Leopard Geckos like to eat insects, so you won’t have to buy them expensive animal foods. You can put their food on a tray or feed them in their cage. They also enjoy various foods, including fruits and vegetables, and even fruit juices and cereals. You can get your pets to eat your food too.

Thus, they’re considered low-maintenance pets.


It might seem like the most expensive pets are the ones that are easy to raise, but it’s not like that all the time. Add in the budget you have to spend money on their food and vet bills to keep them healthy

If you don’t have a budget to buy a pet or you don’t want to spend more on pet needs, then the mentioned pets above may be right for you.