5 Signs Your Pets Are Stressed

Signs your pets are stressed out could be many things, and there’s no exact way to tell when they’re stressed out. However, several common signs will help you know they’re stressed. When your pet is not happy or healthy, it can affect you as a pet owner and your pet’s relationship. Some pets even bite when they’re stressed so it’s best to be wary of the stress signs.

Read on for five signs that your pets are stressed out and how to deal with them.

1. Scratching Things

Cats are inquisitive, and they often want to explore their surroundings. A cat might continuously be running around and will look for things. If a cat is always trying to scratch things, it’s a sign that they may not be feeling well. Some cats are naturally curious and will not care what you do. You need to keep the surroundings clean, and the cat must be well-cared for if you don’t want to have problems.

2. Being Aggressive

Pets such as reptiles can be very active and tend to get stressed quickly. These creatures can get stressed out when they are being exposed to loud noises or sudden movements. If you’re not around for an extended period, these animals may become aggressive. For instance, dogs will bite if they’re n a stressed and unfamiliar place. The same thing with reptiles, so you should avoid exposing your reptile pets to loud noises and sudden movements.

3. Urinating All Over The Place

Dogs are susceptible to temperature changes. Dogs may become very nervous when the weather starts to become hot or cold. They will not only act out, but they can even urinate all over the place. They may become very anxious and become very destructive.

4. Changes Of Eating Manner

Cats tend to eat quickly once they are full, so if you notice your cat eating at unusual times, you might need to feed them. They eat between one and four meals a day, and they need the amount they consume to keep up their energy. When they get too little, they can’t function properly and may even develop health problems.
When choosing pet food, think about the vitamins and nutrients that your pet would need. Feeding your pet organic foods will save you money and ensure that your pet has all the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

5. Rubbing Its Eyes

Your pet will often rub its eyes. If you notice this behavior, take your pet to the veterinarian to be tested for eye disease. This may be caused by eye irritation caused by dust or pollution. If there is a problem, your vet will tell you what type of medicine needs to be prescribed to treat the pain.

Once your eye doctor determines that there is no underlying eye problem, then you can try to solve the problem at home.


The obvious signs are usually easy to spot. If you notice your pet acting out or doesn’t seem to be in a good mood, then it’s a sign that something is not right. It can be difficult to determine the cause. But if you watch your pet for a while, you should figure out what’s causing the stress or better yet, consult your pet’s veterinarian for more information.