First-Aid Tips: What You Should Do When Bitten By A Dog

While dogs are generally friendly, there’s a time when they tend to bite because for various reasons like when they’re stressed. When this happens, most people are surprised to find out how much damage their dogs have caused. Especially for small children, a dog bite may be scary. That’s why it’s best to avoid your dogs to go near babies.

When your dog bites, your first thought may be to grab it. Although that’s quite normal, you should also consider doing first-aid. Even if your dog never bite someone, it’s still best to apply first aid to alleviate the dog bite further. Injuries inflicted by dogs can range from minor abrasions and scratches to severe cuts and even bleeding.

That’s why, if a dog bites you or anyone else, you may need to do the following:

1. Wash The Wound

Two things might happen when you have a dog bite. One is that the dog can come away with no visible wounds, and the other is the dog can leave you with extensive injuries. If a dog that doesn’t leave you with any visible damage, they may only leave you with small puncture marks. Even if it’s just a tiny mark, you should still wash it.

It’s even more important to wash the dog bite when it’s bigger and bleeding. A bath soap and warm water is enough as long as you wash it properly. That way, you have cleaned the wound.

2. Slow The Bleeding

You have a couple of options to stop or slow down a wound’s bleeding when bitten by a dog. One of the options is for the victim to call a licensed veterinarian who will have an exam and give the victim a prescription for antibiotics. The other option is for the victim to try various homeopathic remedies to stop the bleeding. If you’re using a homeopathic remedy, be sure that you know how to administer them correctly, or it could prove to be disastrous.

Homeopathic remedy refers to using natural methods or herbal products to stop the bleeding.

However, it’s best to take extra caution when applying homeopathic remedies. Some of the remedies can cause side effects such as vomiting, drowsiness, diarrhea, dizziness, or appetite loss. That’s why you should be familiar with the plants or homeopathic methods before doing it.

For instance, you can apply Arnica to slow down the bleeding as it’s known for aiding in skin trauma or shock. If the bite wound is swollen, you can also use ice on the wound. These homeopathic remedies are the most common ones.

3. Apply An Antibiotic

Whether it’s a small or big wound caused when bitten by a dog, applying an antibiotic cream is vital. This is important because a dog can easily pass bacteria from his injuries onto another part of your body, especially on an open wound. Thus, applying an antibiotic will help prevent the bacteria from spreading and infecting other parts of your body.


After doing the above first-aid tips, wrap your wound, and seek a doctor. That way, you can be sure to prevent any infection if there is. Doing so will even help you get the right medication.

Doing a first-aid isn’t enough to treat dog bites. It’s just the first thing you should do, but you should see a doctor after that.