Top 6 Healthy Foods To Feed Your Puppy

Dog owners who have a family member or friend with an older dog may be tempted to feed them unhealthy foods, and this is a bad idea. As for young dogs, they can also be at risk of developing health problems and diseases if they aren’t given the right nutrition.

By feeding their pets healthy foods, they can avoid the risks of developing health problems that can endanger them.

So if you’re adopting a pet, you should remember these healthy foods you should feed to your puppy:

1. Grains

Grains have many different kinds that you can choose from, and they’re healthy and nutritious for your puppy’s diet. The best grains to give to your puppy are rice, barley, oats, wheat, and millet.

Remember that you should only give your puppy grains a high-quality pet food brand when you’re going for processed grains.

2. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a healthy choice. They contain everything that your puppy needs to maintain good health. They’re great for you too so you can eat them with your puppy. By eating such, your puppy can get vitamins, fiber, iron, and minerals that are vital for the puppy to keep up his energy.

3. Fresh Water

You should always give your puppy plenty of fresh water, especially during warm seasons. With such, your dog can avoid dehydration. However, you should give fresh and clean water only as some water may get contaminated with bacteria.

4. Meat

The meat contains protein, which is vital for building muscles and bones for your puppy. It helps your dog maintain a healthy immune system, and also provides energy.

However, you should cook the meat so that bacteria living in it will die. That way, you can avoid your dog from eating infected meat.

5. Fish

Fish is a dog food that many people love to give to their dogs. It’s also one of the healthy foods to feed your puppy and contains proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, and many kinds of vitamins. These nutrients are suitable for your puppy’s digestion and metabolism.

However, you shouldn’t feed them fish bones as they’ll wound your puppy’s throat.

6. Raw Egg

Raw egg is the best food for your puppy when you’re out and about. It’s safe, healthy, and it has more protein than other sources of protein. The vitamins in the raw egg are what your puppy needs to grow strong and healthy.

If you would like to feed your puppy with a raw egg, you can easily buy a package from the supermarket.


When you feed your puppy these types of food, remember that it isn’t just about getting the puppy used to eating this type of food. It’s also about making sure that it has the right amount of nutrients. A poor diet can lead to health problems, including obesity and other health problems. You want your puppy to be healthy, but a low diet can put your pet in danger of developing problems that could be fatal.

If you want to try out other foods, it’s still best to consult the veterinarian of your puppy.